Farmers everywhere agree that Valley® provides the best irrigation systems on the market today. Valley irrigation systems’ durable framework helps them withstand normal everyday wear and tear on the farm as well as some of the harshest weather conditions. Unfortunately, many irrigation system companies tend to cut corners and opt to use cheap plastic pieces in their irrigation systems, making them more susceptible to unnecessary damage. But not Valley! They use only top of the line components when designing their irrigation systems, using steel to produce all of the major pieces and moving parts. And, thanks to their steel composition, Valley systems are incredibly easy to care for once installed, requiring only the most basic maintenance to ensure top performance. In fact, due to their superior design, multiple independent studies have concluded that Valley systems have the longest life span out of all of the irrigation systems available to consumers!

So what makes Valley systems better than its competitors?

Valley takes pride in the manufacturing of their premium irrigation system, scrutinizing every detail to make sure that each component measures up to their high standard of excellence. Valley irrigation systems are made with custom designed pipes and trussing as well as forged truss rods with a larger root radius and head diameter, making them durable and long-lasting. They also have welded sprinkler outlets to help protect against water pressure loss, ensuring constant sufficient water flow. Additionally, Valley systems’ tower boxes, control boxes and main base components are composed of steel, enabling them to withstand harsh conditions. Valley systems’ switches and control mechanisms are also mounted on steel, further guaranteeing their reliability! Furthermore, Valley has their systems undergo a wide variety of numerous stress tests to ensure their products’ sturdiness and longevity. Valley guarantees to supply its customers with irrigation systems that will last for years to come. When you purchase a Valley system, you can rest assured you are buying the best irrigation system there is!

Valley promises to provide its customers with the highest quality products at prices you can afford. No hidden fees or additional charges. That’s why so many customers have voted Valley systems as the best value irrigation system for sale. Plus, Valley systems hold their value over time, making them the irrigation systems with the highest resale value! It’s no wonder that Valley is one of the top rated irrigation system companies in the country!

Valley is a brand you can trust, just ask any farmer!