Valley Irrigation now gives growers more choices when it comes to finding the perfect fit for their fields by introducing additional span lengths, including the industry’s longest span — the 8000 series, 225-foot span. With more choices in span lengths, Valley Irrigation dealers have more options to optimize the machine design to specific field conditions, providing the best value to their customer.

“Valley Irrigation continues to expand our product line to ensure every grower is provided the best irrigation solution for their field conditions,” stated Wade Sikkink, Valmont Irrigation Equipment Product Manager. “The longer spans are another example of how Valley Irrigation continues to bring new, innovative products to the market that fit the changing needs of the growers.”

Having more selection from a company that doesn’t compromise on quality or performance means that the longer spans are durable, field-tested, and carry the same warranty as current Valley Irrigation spans. The company also has increased the span length on other 7000 and 8000 series machines. With more options for the grower, no matter the field, Valley Irrigation offers the greatest selection.

“There are many opportunities for growers to benefit from the longer spans,” explained Sikkink. “Increasing span lengths in a standard field can reduce the number of drive units, bringing down your overall cost. But in addition, increasing span lengths may allow you to gain access to additional acres, which may have been left un-irrigated in the past.

David Holt from Circle S Irrigation in Clarksdale, Mississippi agrees. “When you have the ability to reduce the number of drive units and increase acres, you see greater returns, less maintenance and a grower can reduce their cost per acre,” Holt said. “Over the past 25 years in working with Valley Irrigation, I know that when a new product is introduced, I can be assured that it meets the durability and reliability standards that customers have come to expect from the industry leader.”

Increasing irrigated acres for greater returns and reducing per acre costs is what you can find with Valley. With the introduction of longer span options and the recent introduction of the Valley Bender30 (increasing acres by bending any drive unit at a 30-degree angle, retrofitting existing pivots or new machines) can maximize your output potential. There’s no doubt you can look to Valley for more options to get the perfect fit for your field.