Valley®Irrigation, the leader in Precision Irrigation, recently released a statement announcing a new addition to their Valley GPS product line. This new development makes Valley GPS Guidance for corners and linear and irrigation equipment compatible with both John Deere® Starfire™ and Trimble® GPS products, giving farmers the option to combine Valley GPS Guidance with the GPS system they may already have in place.

Valley Irrigation Advanced Technology Product Manger, Scott Mauseth, stated “We have been very pleased by the popularity of Valley GPS Guidance for corners and linear irrigation equipment. Being compatible with both John Deere GPS and Trimble GPS base stations means even more growers can take advantage of the Valley GPS Guidance for their irrigation equipment. Compatibility with the GPS systems growers already use on their tractors and combines significantly lowers the costs associated with implementing GPS Guidance for their irrigation equipment.”

This new development is great news for farmers who would like to use their current GPS system along with the Valley GPS Guidance on their irrigation equipment. Valley GPS Guidance’s compatibility with John Deere Starfire and Trimble GPS products will allow farmers to do away with their buried wire systems and will lead to more efficient farming practices. Additionally, this compatibility will save farmers time and resources as Valley GPS Guidance requires far less labor and maintenance than buried wire.

Mauseth also commented saying “What we’re seeing lately is the desire to get every acre into irrigated production. In some fields, using the conventional buried wire is just not possible due to sub-surface rock, drain tile, underground pipelines, etc. Valley GPS Guidance solves all of these issues”. Therefore, GPS compatibility will be able to fix issues with buried wire that otherwise would have been left unresolved.

It is safe to say that this new expansion by Valley GPS Guidance is quite the breakthrough for farmers across the US. We expect an increasing amount of farmers to begin utilizing the Valley GPS Guidance systems in conjunction with the GPS products they already are using. However, Mauseth explained that although this is a major improvement for GPS technology, there is still plenty of room to improve. “GPS is still a rapidly evolving technology. Our dedicated Valley Irrigation engineers and industry leading GPS partners allow us to confidently provide GPS Guidance solutions to the market and will let us continue to provide GPS solutions to growers well into the future.”

This new development should help make farmers’ lives much easier and hopefully lead to more productive farming!