MAISCO – Ancillary Equipment

We stock a wide range of ancillary equipment, enabling us to provide our customers with “Turn-Key” pivot installations

Underground PVC Pipe & Underground Wire, including Cable-in-Conduit


MAISCO – Also a Dealer of SureSeal Self-Sealing Underground Cable

SureSeal is a unique product that addresses many of the hazards facing buried wire. During the manufacturing process, a visco-elastic sealant is strategically placed in channels between the inner and outer layers of the insulation. These channels are independent from each other and around the entire circumference of the cable. If a nick occurs, the sealant is released to encapsulate the damaged area. (See the photo below.)
The price of SureSeal is slightly more expensive than standard direct burial quad aluminum but much less expensive than either Cable in Conduit or direct burial copper. SureSeal is available in aluminum quad sizes from 6AWG through 500 MCM.

MAISCO – Full Line of Underground Galvanized Pipe Fittings

Including IPS and PIP 6” and 8” repair couplers, Tees, 90 and 45° angles, valve opening elbows, end risers and pump risers, 8” to 6” reducers, chem check valves, butterfly valves and more.

MAISCO – Full Line of Valley Repair Parts

We also stock repair parts for other pivot brands such as Zimmatic and Reinke.