Monitor and control your irrigation equipment 24-7
BaseStation3™ is a centralized irrigation management system that runs from your office computer, custom-designed to suit your needs by your local Valley® Dealer and Valmont® Engineering. Whether you are looking to monitor one to several irrigation machines, BaseStation3 gives you flexibility and reporting mechanisms like no other. The new BaseStation3 is a full computer equipment package with preloaded software that functions with new and existing Valmont equipment.

With BaseStation3, you can, among other things:

  • Remotely monitor your irrigation equipment 24/7 using real-time updates.
  • Control your Valley® Pro panel from your computer.
  • Turn your pivots off or on.
  • Control your end guns.
  • Switch direction of your pivot.
  • Change pivot speed.
  • Change water depth.
  • Receive alarms by phone or your computer indicating a change in operating status of your pivots and other irrigation equipment.


Control Panels

With GPS Ready control panels like the Pro2, Select2, and AutoPilot, plus the remote communications tools of BaseStation3™ and the Valley Tracker™. Valley® offers easy-to-use controls that give you precision irrigation

  • Here are some quick facts about GPS Ready irrigation control panels from Valley® Irrigation.
  • The GPS Ready control panels perform all of the necessary GPS position calculations right in the control panel, eliminating the need for external computers on the machine.
  • The panels are compatible with different types of GPS receivers, including WAAS-enabled receivers.
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