Get the Most out of Every Acre

MAISCO is the originating dealer of the Valley® DualSpan Corner™, the longest corner in the industry. Its advanced features allow growers to get the most out of every acre on their rectangular or wide-boundary fields with improved water distribution. The DualSpan Corner uses a standard three-wheel base beam on the guidance tower to reduce wheel ruts and steering loads on the corner linear span, while a microprocessor based control and guidance system ensures a consistent path is followed every time. The DualSpan is available as a 351 or 401 foot length that can irrigate up to 99% of a typical 160 acre field. It irrigates more acres in a rectangular or odd-shaped field than any other corner. Learn more about the DualSpan Corner’s advanced features below.

The DualSpan Corner™Arm Connection:

  • Connects the connecting span to the last regular drive unit and free-standing span with a low profile flexible joint
  • Is designed to utilize existing center pivot structure
  • Contains a run-cycle box enclosed with factory-set, 10-million cycle micro switches to reliably control movement of the corner unit by the microprocessor
Microprocessor Control:
  • Controls guidance, sprinkler sequencing and travel of the DualSpan Corner arm with the center pivot
  • Records error codes that indicate the cause and time of a safety shutdown
  • Prevents over watering which is an issue on competing machines
Guidance System:
  • Forward and reverse guidance antennas provide accurate tracking in both directions
  • Receives a low-frequency signal from a buried wire that guides the corner arm around the field
  • High-voltage suppressors protect guidance components
  • Guidance wire surge protection
Sprinkler Sequencing:
  • On-off sequencing prevents over watering and allows for improved water application
  • Contaminants are removed continuously with a self-flushing filter
  • Triple-walled hydraulic tubing connects sequencing control
    with sprinkler control valves
  • Has solenoid valves for long life and uniform sprinkler application