Other Irrigation

Here at MAISCO, we provide our customers with a large selection of irrigation systems from a variety of different brands. One of the brands we carry is OCMIS Irrigation. OCMIS is an international irrigation system company based out of Italy. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of hard nose travelers and they also lead the US in their distribution. For over 30 years OCMIS has been producing traveling guns and is recognized the world over for its efficient turbine design and variable speed gearbox. They offer over 100 different models to choose from ranging in size from 1” I.D. to 5” I.D. and from 200’ to over 2300’ in length. They also have irrigation applications ranging from 5 to 700 gpm. Their large selection of different sized travelers allows farmers to choose a traveler that will fit all of their irrigation requirements. We guarantee OCMIS will have a traveler that satisfies all of your irrigation needs! Stop by our store to speak with a staff member about all of the different models OCMIS has to offer. They’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and help you select the model that is right for you. OCMIS is an established and reputable company that has been servicing farmers all of the world for many years. We are excited to be partnering with such an accomplished company and are proud to be a carrier of their products.

Not only do we sell OCMIS standard size travelers, but we also carry their line of smaller travelers called MICRO RAIN. Micro Rain Travelers are ideal for anyone wanting to irrigate a smaller plot of land. OCMIS specializes in producing small yet efficient farming equipment. OCMIS began in 1993 in Italy, a country where there is limited farm land. Due to the lack of farming space, OCMIS began designing smaller travelers to accommodate the Italian farmers’ needs. Therefore, OCMIS is the best worldwide producer of small and effective farming equipment. OCMIS knows how to adjust their machines to best suit the needs of any farmer. That’s why they’ve grown so much in the past few years and now lead the US market in irrigation production. Their exceptional knowledge regarding irrigation practices and their superior product line make them one of the best in the world! We’re proud to offer their products to our customers at prices they can afford.

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