MAISCO – Michiana’s Only Full Service Irrigation Company

  • MAISCO’s team are experts in designing, installing and servicing all aspects of your irrigation needs using premier technology others just don’t have.
  • At MAISCO, system design and installation are the “state of the art” using GPS and GIS technology to customize your irrigation center pivot solutions. Guidance wire layout is done using GPS and Autocad so installation can begin before the pivot is delivered. Our irrigation specialist provide farmers with easy to understand field maps that detail your installation from summary of acres irrigated to exact location of underground wire and pipe.
  • Legendary Parts and Service is a key aspect that makes MAISCO the best irrigation company in Michiana. With over 1,500 parts for all brands of center pivot irrigation, our expertly trained service team has years of experience to troubleshoot and address even the most complex problems.
  • “Service is a huge factor on why I have been with MAISCO for so many years” according to Ben Russell, a MAISCO Man for over 25 years. “The response time from MAISCO is amazing. When I call they are there quickly and they fix my problem right the first time so I’m able to be back up and running.”
  • The MAISCO preventative maintenance program extends the life of your pivots and reduces in season service problems. “MAISCO’s winter program is first class” says Kevin Lambright, A MAISCO Man for more than 20 years. “Their maintenance team went through each of my pivots last year and as a result I went an entire irrigation season without any service calls.”
  • MAISCO Man Justin Miller adds, “MAISCO is just dependable-the systems and the company. They have proven that they aren’t here just to sell me irrigation, but they are someone who will work hand and hand with me to make irrigation work for my farm.”
  • MAISCO also stocks all of the accessories needed to install pivots, guarantees the customer a turn-key system, including PVC pipe, pipe fittings and underground wire.

As a Full Service Irrigation Company We Offer:

  • On-site parts center servicing all brands of irrigation for a quick turnaround time.
  • Troubleshooting and design solutions for the most complex problems
  • Electronic flow checks for your system without going inside the pipe
  • State-of-the-art equipment to allow us to quickly find your wire breaks and ground faults
  • An extensive winterizing and preventative maintenance program
  • Proprietary lightning protection boards, and we have a lightning prevention system that protects pivots from being hit