MAISCO – An Authorized Dealer of OCMIS Travelers

MAISCO is now an authorized dealer or OCMIS Travelers. OCMIS IRRIGATION, the largest manufacturer in the world for hard hose travelers, is now the U.S. market leader. For over 30 years OCMIS has been producing traveling guns and is recognized the world over for its efficient turbine design and variable speed gearbox. OCMIS Travelers are the most durable and reliable travelers available on the market today. With over 100 models to choose from ranging from 1″ I.D. to 5″ I.D. and from 200′ to over 2300′ in length, OCMIS offers the broadest range of travelers on the market. By offering such a wide variety of travelers, OCMIS guarantees they’ll have a system that will fit your unique needs. The varying sizes of the travelers allows farmers to virtually customize their machine to ensure the best irrigation results. Whatever your water application needs, OCMIS has the solution, with irrigation applications from 5 to 700 gpm. Additionally, an OCMIS boom can be attached to the end of the reel hose. OCMIS irrigation systems are used in numerous applications including (but not limited to) vegetables, pastures, sod farms, slurry, hay, fruit crops, corn, or sport fields. OCMIS travelers are the ideal irrigation system for farmers all over the world!

An OCMIS boom can be attached to the end of the reel hose.

More information on the above models can be found at OCMIS Irrigation.

MAISCO also is a dealer of the MICRO RAIN line of smaller travelers.

However, OCMIS irrigation systems are not only for large pieces of property. OCMIS also offers a line of smaller travelers called MICRO RAIN that is ideal for any smaller piece of land such as your own home acreage. If a smaller system is what you are looking for, then we have good news for you! MAISCO has also recently become a dealer of the MICRO RAIN line of smaller travelers. We realize that not all people are looking for heavy duty irrigation equipment to keep their plot of land well-maintained. And that’s why we now provide the MICRO RAIN line of travelers to our clients.They are perfect for any smaller acreage you may own that still needs to be properly irrigated. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the OCMIS Travelers, please feel free to stop by our store to speak to one of our service representatives. They’ll gladly answer any questions you may have and will be happy to assist you as you select which OCMIS traveler best fits your specific needs.To learn more about OCMIS irrigation and the different models you can choose from, visit OCMIS Irrigation at
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OCMIS Traveler Specifications:

Over 100 different models to choose from. Sizes ranging from 1”I.D. to 5”I.D. and from 200’ to over 2300’. Irrigation applications range from 5 to 700 gpm. OCMIS Boom can be attached to the end of the reel hose. Also offers MICRO RAIN for smaller acreage.