Perfect for Fields Up to 60 Acres – Valley®5000 Series

Valley-5000-Series-300pxThe 5000 series has been developed to provide cost-effective irrigation solutions for smaller fields up 60 acres. Our 5000 series model was designed for farmers working smaller plots of land who don’t want to spend a lot of money on their irrigation system. If you are a farmer looking to irrigate a plot of land that is 60 acres or less, then this is the system you need! Small yet sturdy, our 5000 series model is composed almost entirely of steel, ensuring its longevity and durability. Research has proven that our irrigation systems have the longest life span out of all of the irrigation systems available on the market today. Our machines are also known to have some of the highest resale values!

The 5000 series has gone through a wide variety of stress tests to further validate its high level of staying power and to show our customers that this product will last them for years to come! Even though our 5000 series model is small in comparison to some of our other irrigation systems, it still gets the job done as efficiently as larger designs. This model includes custom designed pipes and trussing as well as forged truss rods with a larger root radius and head diameter. It also has our signature welded sprinkler outlets that not only add to the durability of the machine but also protect against water pressure loss. Additionally, its tower box, control box and main base components are made up of steel, not plastic. The switches and control mechanisms are also mounted on steel. This sturdy machine was created specifically for production agriculture and comes with the reliability and aftermarket support that only Valley® and MAISCO can provide. 


Do you have questions about your newly purchased 5000 series system? Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have! And, if for whatever reason you have a problem with your 5000 series or any other irrigation system you may own, our highly trained service providers will gladly work with you to find a solution. You can rest assured knowing that our support staff is here to help should you ever need our assistance!

5000 series specifications

  • 5″ diameter pipeline
  • Single phase power option
  • 820’ maximum length
  • 108’ outlet spacing
  • 112.5’ to 202.5’ span lengths
  • 1HP booster pump option
  • Towable options