Why choose MASICO? For years, MASICO has been providing farmers in the Michiana area with the best irrigation systems available on the market today. We are known in the area for our superior product line and excellent customer service department. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is committed to bringing you the best customer service possible. Their high level of expertise allows us to provide you with only the finest irrigation equipment. The irrigation systems we offer to our clients are engineered, constructed and field tested to guarantee they are able to withstand any harsh conditions you may encounter. All of the brands we carry have been hand-picked by our highly trained employees, ensuring the quality of the products we sell. We make sure that all of the irrigation solutions we offer come from reputable companies who have had considerable success in the irrigation business. The companies we choose to partner with are companies that have been servicing farmers all over the nation and the globe for many years. We are proud of all of the irrigation solutions we sell!

One of the most notable brands we supply to our clients is Valley. We are an honored carrier of Valley Irrigation products, some of the best irrigation solutions in the world. Valley Irrigation is the world’s largest supplier of irrigation solutions, providing farmers across the globe with affordable and reliable irrigation systems. Valley systems have the reputation of being the most cost-effective irrigation systems available to farmers. Multiple independent studies have also shown that Valley systems maintain their worth over time, making them the irrigation systems with the highest resale value in the US!

Valley Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation Equipment for farming helps farmers get the most out of their water supply. Valley irrigation systems are made with custom designed pipes and trussing as well as forged truss rods with a larger root radius and head diameter, making them durable and long-lasting. They also have welded sprinkler outlets to help protect against water pressure loss, ensuring constant sufficient water flow. Additionally, Valley systems’ tower boxes, control boxes and main base components are composed of steel, enabling them to withstand the harshest conditions without any problem. Valley systems’ switches and control mechanisms are also mounted on steel, further guaranteeing their reliability! These irrigation machines conserve water and maximize crop yield, saving farmers time and money. Valley irrigation systems are known for their sturdiness and dependability, making them the number one choice for farmers all across America.

Check out the video below to find out more about MAISCO, our partnership with Valley Irrigation and the solutions they offer to farmers worldwide:

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