Maximizing yields while using water responsibly

MAISCO’s line of quality products utilizes state-of-the-art irrigation technology ensuring that farmers get the maximum coverage for their fields without wasting water. Learn more about MAISCO’s products.

Proud Carrier of Valley® Products

Farmers everywhere agree that Valley® provides the best irrigation systems on the market today. Valley irrigation systems’ durable framework helps them withstand normal everyday wear and tear on the farm as well as some of the harshest weather conditions. Unfortunately, many irrigation system companies tend to cut corners and opt to use cheap plastic pieces in their irrigation systems, making them more susceptible to unnecessary damage. But not Valley! They use only top of the line components when designing their irrigation systems, using steel to produce all of the major pieces and moving parts.

Why Choose Us?

Meet the MAISCO family

The MAISCO “family” is made up of a group of local Michiana farmers who proudly choose MAISCO as their preferred irrigation company. We believe the support of our customers is one of the most valuable assets of our company! Their loyalty and trust are what drives us to provide you with the absolute best products and services. Every day we strive to make our systems even better than they were before! It’s no secret that our machines are known to be the most durable and long-lasting irrigation systems available to farmers today. All of our products are made up of high-quality steel, not cheap plastic like that of our competitors. And all of the individual pieces we produce are engineered, constructed, and field-tested to ensure they are able to withstand normal wear and tear as well as harsh conditions. The reliable structure of our machines saves farmers time and money, giving them the ability to focus their attention on more important matters. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with how efficiently our products are able to get the job done.