Maintenance & Installation


Keeping Your Irrigation Systems Up-to-Date and Running Smoothly

Using premier technology, MAISCO designs installs and maintains its customers’ irrigation systems.


First, your irrigation center pivot solutions are designed using GPS and GIS technology. Next, the guidance wire layout is completed prior to pivot delivery using GPS and Autocad. We also provide farmers with a detailed summary of acres irrigated and field maps indicating the locations of the underground wire and pipe.


Lastly, we offer a maintenance program to ensure the longevity of our irrigation system as well as lessen the probability of mid-season service issues.

Valley® Preventative Maintenance Suggestions:

 Tire Pressure
Always be aware of the condition of your tires as worn down or flat tires can have a negative impact on your equipment. Remember to keep lug bolts tight and to check your tire pressure often.

 Pivot Alignment and Pipe Flushing
Be aware of the settings of your tower box micro switches to ensure proper pivot alignment. Also, keep your sand trap clean and make sure you are flushing your pipeline.

 Electrical Connections
If you are having any electrical issues, turn off all equipment and look for loose connections or cord grips in tower boxes.

 Stay Energy Efficient
Always keep water pressure as low as possible to help minimize cost.

 Sprinkler Package
You should be replacing your sprinkler package after every 10,000 uses. Make sure you are performing regular checks of your sprinkler system to look for any damaged or worn pieces that may need to be fixed.

 Wheel Tracks
Deep wheel tracks can cause numerous issues for your irrigation, tillage and harvest equipment. Prevent problems from arising by filling up any deep wheel tracks during the off-season. You could also try to prevent tracking by switching to a different tire type or by adding a floatation device.

 Drive Train
Always remember to drain water from the gearbox and center drive and make sure the gear lubricant level is sufficient in order to keep your drive train running smoothly and efficiently.

 Motor Contactors
Keep an eye on your motor contactors and be sure to switch them out at the first sign of any damage to protect the drive unit motor.

Watch out for worn u-joint inserts and make sure driveshaft shields are in their proper place.

 Moving Parts
Our irrigation systems are composed almost entirely of steel parts, and steel on steel movement requires heavy amounts of lubrication in order to ensure they continue to operate at their very best. Be sure to consistently grease all the moving parts to prevent unnecessary erosion.