Valley® Offers Best Value Over Time

Why is Valley® better than its competitors? It’s simple, we offer the highest quality products at a fraction of the cost. Many irrigation system companies will try to sell you poorly made products that cost a fortune, are unreliable and break easily, but not us! Our systems are built to last, made with high-quality steel that is durable–able to withstand normal everyday wear and tear on the farm as well as harsh conditions. To guarantee their sturdiness, our systems are put through a series of intense stress tests, ensuring the finished product will last for years to come. Numerous independent studies have concluded that our systems have the longest life span out of all of the irrigation systems offered today. And, thanks to their positive reputation, Valley® systems also have the highest resale value! Our systems are known to be the most durable and affordable irrigation systems on the market.


Unlike many irrigation systems, our systems are comprised of steel, not plastic. One of the reasons our irrigation systems are so much better than our competitors is due to the durable steel composition of our products. Our irrigation systems are made with custom-designed pipes and trussing as well as forged truss rods with a larger root radius and head diameter, making them sturdy and long-lasting. Our welded sprinkler outlets not only are highly durable but are also designed to help protect against water pressure loss, ensuring constant sufficient water flow. Additionally, all of our tower boxes, control boxes, and main base components are comprised of steel, not plastic like that of our competitors. Our switches and control mechanisms are also mounted on steel, further guaranteeing their reliability! We pride ourselves on the superior quality of our product and promise to provide you with top of the line systems that will last you for years to come!