Pivot Products

Valley® Center Pivots. Highest Quality. Best Variety

MAISCO is proud to know that they can offer a variety of pivots to meet its customer’s irrigation needs. With new technology and enhanced irrigation features from Valley, even growers with odd-shaped fields or fields with obstructions are now able to irrigate or upgrade their irrigation to a more efficient form requiring less input of water and labor.

Through Valley, MAISCO now has three options to meet the specific irrigation needs for each field. The Valley 5000, 7000, and 8000 series gives MAISCO customers options other brands just don’t offer. Durable, soldered couplers, Valley manufactured gearboxes, forged head trusting, and patented PolySpand® pipe are only a few of the reasons why Valley is superior to all other brands, and testing by an independent lab proves it.

The difference between the three series is more than just size. They are designed to meet the demands of different field sizes as well as different terrain. Having three different series options means you don’t have to force a fit. You can choose a solution that works specifically for your condition and needs.

Whatever a grower’s individual needs, Valley has a combination of pivots, corners, and guns to meet them. MAISCO and Valley continue to live up to their reputation as the leader in innovation and responsiveness to grower’s concerns.


Valley has a machine to fit every need.

8000 Series Center Pivot

7000 Series Center Pivot